We are here to help you make learning an easy and natural part of everyday work to improve your business results driven by smart and educated people.

With engaging course design, relevant content, and suitable framework people in your organisation can focus on acquiring new skills and learn new behaviours without interrupting their duties at work. Learning will be just a part of their daily working life.

Investing once into well designed and easily accessible e-learning content will save you a lot of time spent on training and instruction in the future and simultaneously increasing learner’s responsibility for their knowledge.

Our Services

There is no company like the other. And therefore, we have solutions for different kinds of needs.

E-Learning Design and Development

We create e-courses by template for wider use across different organisations but also unique tailormade e-courses on the subject relevant and necessary only to your people.

Learning Management Systems Support

We will find, set up and host LMS solutions for your in-house e-learning management either in cloud or on-premise to support learning initiatives in your organisation.

Training Consultancy and Support

We help your internal trainers and experts design the best training programs and content by integrating different training methods for desired learning outcomes.

E-Learnings features

With our e-learning module we will create e-courses that you will love.


The combination of interactive exercises, videos, attractive visuals and dynamiclly coaching knowledge checks is best toolset for self-learning.

Fully Responsive

You can use any device for going through our e-courses – PC, mobile or tablet. Our e-courses respond perfectly to your device so that you can enjoy all the benefits of e-learning.

E-courses by templates

You can also select e-courses that are already developed. Designed by professionals in the field that is common to different organizations. Of course, with your own branding.

Easy to Customize

We will build a course with content and structure that meets your specific learning objectives with our professional course design and content creation support. Content includes videos, text, pictures, exercises, knowledge checks etc.

Multi language

In case of multilanguage environment we can easily build a course once and add multiple languages later. It includes also video subtitles.

Eye on results

You can track course knowledge by checking results in detail. Everything is auditable and you are able to support compliance needs easily.

Demo Courses

Take a look at our demo courses which demonstrate some of the capabilities we have in our toolbox.

A Blueprint for Effective Workplace Leadership

Developing a Growth Mindset

Online Security Fundamentals

Toimetulek stressiga ja läbipõlemisega

Dealing with Stress, Pressure and Burnout

Giving Effective Feedback

Project Management Framework

The big picture

Learning management systems were designed to identify training and learning gaps, using analytical data and reporting. Modern LMSs include intelligent algorithms to make automated recommendations for courses based on a user's skill profile as well as extract metadata from learning materials to make such recommendations even more accurate.

Courses developed by us will work with Leaning Management Systems without hassle. It is good to know, that you can start without any LMS also. And as ambitions grow, it is easy to include existing parts into your environment later.

Our Team

It all starts from people. Here are ours.

Kristi Paas

CEO & Co-Founder

Priit Kallas


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